Elebaires Staff


Each of our professors has graduated with a degree in Language and Literature, specializing in Spanish instruction. They have a very strong understanding of Latin American language and culture. They highly enjoy teaching and make a special effort to not only teach Elebaires students Spanish, but also to get to know them as individuals and connect with each and every one of them on a personal level, both in and outside of the classroom.


We are located in the beautiful neighborhood of Palermo at the address of Pringles 1441. Palermo is home to many eclectic restaurants, parks full of picnickers, and shopping stores to check out the newest Argentinean fashion! It is one of the most popular neighborhoods for visitors, and therefore a very convenient location for our school!  Within walking distance there are many beautiful tourist attractions such as Los Bosques de Palermo; a beautiful rose garden with a lake, MALBA; a modern art museum, and Museo Evita; a museum commemorating Argentina´s beloved Evita Peron.

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