One Week Intensive Group Course

20 hours
Lessons: 20 hours
Enrollment fee: $65
Starting dates: any Monday
All Levels
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2 Week - Intensive Group Course

/40 hours
Lessons: 20hs/week
Enrollment fee: $65
Starting dates: any Monday
All Levels
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3 Weeks - Intensive Group Course

Lessons: 20 hours per week
Enrollment fee: $65
Starting dates: any Monday
All Levels
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4 Weeks - Intensive Group Course

/80 hours
Lessons: 20 hours per week
Enrollment fee: $65
Starting dates: any Monday
All Levels
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Individual (1 hour)

/per hour
Lessons: 60 minutes
Enrollment fee: $65
Starting dates: any Monday
All Levels
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Super Intensive

/30 hours
Lessons: 20hs g + 10 hs p/week
Enrollment fee: $65
Starting dates: any Monday
All Levels
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Individual Course

/10hs per week
Lessons: 10 hours per week
Enrollment fee: $65
Starting dates: any Monday
All Levels
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Enrollment fee: $65
Starting dates: every Month!
Job Opportunities in BA!
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Descripción Precio
Cuota de inscripción $65
Cuota para cambios $65
Cuota para voluntariado $210
Cuota para pasantías $699
Traslado del aeropuerto $80
Class Materials Free Cafeteria
24/7 Help Desk Level Test
Tutorials Orientation Meeting
After School Activities Conversation Club
Wifi Certification


  • Cuota de inscripción: not included in the course prices.
  • Change fee: Administration costs for each change in your reservation after arrival.
  • Volunteer / Internship Fee: Part of this payment will be used as project donations.
  • All levels start every Monday throughout the year.
  • If there are no group courses available at the student Spanish level, Elebaires will provide individual lessons
    (2 hours per day, instead of 4 hours per day).
  • All prices are listed in U.S. Dollars (USD). Here is a Currency Converter just in case you need it.
  • We can help you find your best option. Contact us for longer programs!


Description Type Week Price Extra Day
Home Stay (break + dinner Mo-Fri) Single Room $330 $50
Student Residence (no meals) Shared Room + Shared Bathroom $200 $35


Professional Programs and University Courses
Spanish & Business Focus on business and Latin American Business practices. (20 +10 hs x week) Internship Available. 2 weeks – Every Monday
B1 – B2 – C1 – C2
Spanish & Medicine Spanish & Medicine Develop your health specific comprehension and communication skills to prepare yourself for real-life situations that can occur in your vocational environment. Take part and get to know the Argentine Health System. 3 weeks January Term
5 weeks June Summer Term
B1 – B2 – C1 – C2
Teach English (TEFL) Earn some extra travel money by teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) 4 weeks – Once a month – check dates! $1.499
Perfeccionamiento para profesores de Español Cursos de perfeccionamiento y actualización docente para profesores de Español como Lengua Extranjera 2 weeks – check dates! $995
Kick off course – Pre-semester Are you doing a semester in any University in Buenos Aires? Join our small classes and get ready to succeed at Uni!! Course + Student Residence 4 weeks – Every Monday! $1.570
Semester Program UAI – Study at an Argentine University and learn Spanish at the same time!! All careers available! 2 to 4 subject x semester upon request 4 months – March to July – August to November
Bookings one month before the commencement date.
Upon request


Group Programs
Teens – High School Program Transportation to/from airport. Local Accommodation: family home stay (breakfast/dinner included) or local hotel – Classes: 2 weeks intensive Spanish courses Cultural Activities and trips Dates available upon request!Teachers / Chaperons please contact us! 2 weeks $1.650
Study Abroad: Summer / Winter Courses Spanish Language Course: Intensive Course Latin American Studies Course (Optional, afternoon English taught) Accom: Student Residence shared room Group Trip (Iguazú). University Credits included.. All levels January or June first Monday Transcripts included (6 credits) 4 weeks $2.990

City combination program in Argentina and around South America:
Possible destinations in Argentina: Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Bariloche, Mendoza, Salta, Rosario. South America: Santiago de Chile, Lima, Cuzco, Quito, Bogotá, Cartagena, Panamá, Costa Rica. Book your course in Buenos Aires and add any other destination to your booking!

International Spanish Exams Certification
Prepare yourself to have success in the Spanish international exams ! Courses for DELE / CELU available. 4 weeks 1.800 USD Free level test and meeting before the course with expert examiners!

Spanish Online courses
Study from home or work! 10 hs of private tutoring 199 USD Many of our students are asking for this course before or after the immersion program. Keep learning all the way on!!

Spanish in Company
If you are living and working in Buenos Aires, let us go to your office to save time!!
Packages for companies: group or individual lessons! Contact us!

Backpacker Crash Course:
3 days / 120 USD Survival Spanish course(Afternoon sessions at the school)

2016 Argentina ´s National Holidays: 01/01 – 02/08 – 02/09 – 03/24 – 03/25 – 04/02 – 05/01 – 05/25 – 06/20 – 07/08 – 07/09 – 08/15 – 10/10 – 11/28 – 12/08 – 12/09 – 12/24 – 12/25 – 12/31
Classes will be making up during the week adding extra hours during the afternoon. See more