2nd-7th June Calendar of Acivities

Hola! Como están?

Check out our schedule of activities for this week! Join us for any or every one of them!

3 a 7 de junio calendar for website

We usually stary start the activities at 14:00 which gives you 1 hour to eat lunch after all your hard work in class.

We are also very flexible with the activities and often have a plan B or C in case of rain or last minute changes.

Most of these activities are free! All you might need is your SUBE card (for transportation when needed).

Yoga and dance classes are tips based (from ARS $50) so we can show our teachers some appreciation!

If you want to join use, let us know by sending us a WhatsApp, email, or just by passing by reception.

Lets learn the culture, practice spanish, and have a great time while doing it!!

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