Here at Elebaires, we can help you find a housing option that best suits your needs and expectations for studying abroad in Argentina. We offer several different options such as student residences, family home-stay, shared apartments and hotels or hostels. It is very important that our students have a great stay in the city, that’s why we carefully screen all of our places and only recommend the ones that we have tried and tested.

Spanish classes, accommodation, tours and tango in Buenos Aires!



The language school Elebaires works with various student residences. It is highly important to us, that the residences fulfill a high standad on reasonable prices. Depending on the students stay and wishes, we will confirm with the residence, that suits best the modalities.

One of our residences is la Residencia Gurruchaga located in the neighborhood or “barrio” of Palermo. The building is very beautiful and has been completely remodeled from the inside to allow for the most comfortable stay in Buenos Aires. On the first and second floor you will find the bedrooms (privates and shared / doubles) each room has its own bed and desk. The bathrooms are shared as well (separate men from woman) and very spacious. On the same floor you will find the kitchen where you can cook if you like and also have your own space on the shelf and in the refrigerator to store your food. There is a very spacious area out in the open where you can relax in the sun or shade, lay on a hammock and hang out with friends.

Food: Food is not included but most of our residences have a kitchen available.

Phone calls and phone use: Most students buy local pre-paid phone cards and/or rent a cellular phone. Public telephones are if available in local locutorios.
Laundry service: You should have your clothes washed at an affordable local wash-and-fold service. Laundry services can be found in every neighborhood, usually only blocks away from the residences.

Just as all our residences,  it is located in walking distance to Elebaires Spanish school.

Spanish classes, accommodation, tours and tango in Buenos Aires!


A Home-stay is the best option if you wish to advance your Spanish speaking skills and immerse yourself in the culture and life of a porteño (as those born in Buenos Aires are typically called). Sharing day-to-day life with a local family is ideal for practicing the Spanish you are taught in class. All our host families are carefully selected by the Staff. Our choice of your home-stay is based on your preferences (smoking/non-smoking; couple with children/no children; etc) and your specific requirements (specific diet, no pets, etc.). Not only is the great for your Spanish but it will give you an insight into the Argentine people and culture that you won’t get from a student residence or hostel. Even for only a part of your stay, we recommend all of our students spend some time in a home-stay.

Home-stay location varies depending upon the family and availability, but all are located in the nicest residential areas of Buenos Aires.


All our students choosing this kind of accommodation have their own room and will share the bathroom, kitchen and living room with the rest of the family and other students in the apartment. Students staying with host families have total freedom to come and go as they please since they have their own house key. Access to the telephone is provided for receiving calls.

For more information on living in a home-stay, check out our blog posting.

Spanish classes, accommodation, tours and tango in Buenos Aires!


For those students who would like a bit more privacy and comfort as well as for short-term travellers seeking to meet and explore with other foreigners. There are many hotels and hostels located near the School. Prices vary according to their categories. Please contact us for recommendations.

For more information on staying in a hostel, check out our blog posting.

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