Teaching Methodology

Our courses are organized with different durations, frequencies and schedules during the week. The courses are graduated in three different and progressive levels, from Beginner to Advanced according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

All courses are designed to reach the progressive control of the communicative skills of the language and the culture. At the end of the module, the student is able to communicate in real life situations according with the level of learning taken. Our educational practice is characterized by the coexistence of different current methodologies, focusing on the communicative aspect.

    • Our aim is that our students will be able to communicate in the foreign language.
    • Our aim is that our students develop all the communicative skills giving them the personal attention during the teaching-learning process.
    • The communicative focus increases the language, because we not only teach the linguistic form, but also how to use those forms in real life situations

Our way of teaching is direct, active learning using language structures, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions in the context of areas most useful for attaining fluency as quickly as possible.

We guarantee a fast and fun way of learning Spanish, guided by a young and professional team, prepared for each and every circumstance!

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