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Student Life in Elebaires Spanish School


Each day Elebaires Spanish School offers a special program for our students to live and experience Buenos Aires beyond the classroom. These special activities are optional and students can choose to enjoy them whilst practicing and improving their Spanish at the same time. These special activities are optional activities that each student can do to learn and enjoy whilst practicing and improving their Spanish at the same time… Check our Elebaires Facebook Fan Page to find our the schedule and the next cultural activities planned for you!

After school activities: Each week we will post all scheduled activities for that week on-line as well as on our school notice board. These activities range from walking guided visits in the most traditional neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, bike tours, tango shows, visits to the most wonderful museums, soccer tickets to the most exciting matches, afternoon conversation in our Spanish Conversation Club to free disco tickets at the hottest clubs.

Note: These activities are organized weekly and you can book them once in the school every Monday. You will have always a Spanish Teacher participating with you to speak, practice, and learn more about Buenos Aires city. The cost of these activities is not included with the course. They are all optional and have reasonable prices according to our student´s budget. There are activities that are organized free of charge for all students, these will be listed on the weekly calendar along with the others.




– Study and fun trips: Practice Spanish Outdoors! Elebaires Spanish School – with its students’ coordinator – takes you out of the city to see other beautiful destinations and practice Spanish all day long.

– Day Trips: Day trip destinations include the Tigre Delta, Colonia (Uruguay), a day at an estancia (gaucho ranch), and Luján.

– Weekend Trips: Elebaires Spanish School offers the most beautiful touristic destinations with its Partner Tourism Agency, which guarantees highest quality trips and budget prices for our students. These trips can be by bus or by plane (consult us the prices according to transportation).

  • Iguazú Falls – spectacular waterfall on the border of Argentina and Brazil
  • Mendoza – Highlands, wineries and adventure
  • Salta – Historical city surrounded by national parks and wineries.
  • Puerto Madryn – Marine nature in front of your eyes
  • Climbing (Once a week)

Note: If you want to receive more information, descriptions and prices of the weekend trips that we organize with our partner agency don´t hesitate to contact us here.



These are special courses especially designed so that you can opt which area of Argentine culture you would like to learn more about during your time here in Buenos Aires. They are organized weekly so you can join them after your classes at Elebaires Spanish School.


  • Tango Lessons (1 private + 2 group lessons x week)
  • Salsa Lessons (1 private + 2 group lessons x week)
  • Wine Tasting (Once a week)
  • Photography (Once a week)
  • Cooking Lessons (Once a week)
  • Argentinean Culture (20 optional lessons).
  • Theater and Improvisation (Once a week)
  • Fileteado Porteño (Once a week) (Typical Argentinean Painting Style)
  • Circus (Twice a week)
  • SCUBA: 5 lessons.
  • POLO: practice and training in estancia. (Once a week)
  • Climbing (Once a week)




Elebaires Spanish School would like to assure students and parents that we take our students’ health and safety very seriously while they study abroad. International concerns are at the forefront of our safety policies throughout the length of the program. Our local staff members prioritize our student’s welfare and we take all necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

The Elebaires School staff is prepared to support students whenever needed, whether that is accompanying them to a safe place or hospital or informing them of how to avoid petty theft on buses. Our staff receives regular updates and advisories from embassies and responds accordingly.

In Case of an Emergency Elebaires relies heavily on embassy recommendations. If at any time embassy advisories recommend or mandate that students return to their country of origin, Elebaires would support students in departing. Elebaires also has a comprehensive Emergency Evacuation Plan to bring students to safety if needed during emergencies. Elebaires is dedicated to providing safe study abroad experiences for all students and does everything possible to keep the students out of harm’s way.

Cell Phone and Emergency Numbers
All Elebaires students are given the option of renting a cell phone. Maria Laura, the Elebaires School Director, always provides students with her personal cell phone number, and serves as the 24-hour emergency contact number available.

Health Insurance
Elebaires highly recommends that all students have health insurance that adequately covers them while abroad. If a student cannot get in touch with his/her family during an emergency, we will notify their parents or guardian. Students will automatically be sent to the hospital closest to them in case of an emergency unless students provide Elebaires with the information for their preferred provider ahead of time. Students should address any health concerns well before arrival abroad.

U.S. State Department Contact Information
Direct access to the State Department advisories is available by contacting their hotline (202-647-5225). You can also visit the State Department’s web site and access its Travel Warnings and Advisories at You may also visit the Center for Disease Control’s travel website at Elebaires Health and Safety Committee The Elebaires Health and Safety Committee members subscribe to the State Department’s travel advisories, receiving current information about Travel Warnings and Advisories. In addition to U.S. notices, Elebaires also monitors all embassy advisories from every country of origin of Elebaires students. During a Travel Warning or emergency, Elebaires will email all participants’ emergency contacts and home institution advisors.

Power of Attorney
If an Elebaires student has his/her own financial accounts, we highly recommend that the student signs a Power of Attorney form giving his/her parent or guardian the legal standing to administer his/her finances during their time abroad.

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