May School Activities Calendar

Here at ELEBAIRES we offer more than just great Spanish lessons!

We do believe that the social and cultural aspect of education is really important.

And that is why we organize different activities from excursions to visit the city, learn about the culture and the history, to dance or cooking classes, but also conversation clubs and international lunch!

These activities are really nice to make new friends and practice your Spanish, while having some fun!

We usually start the activities after the one hour lunch break at 14:00 at the school.

We are also really flexible with the activities and have a lot of B or C plans in case of rain or any unexpected events!

Check our May’s calendar here:

Calendario Mayo 2019 website

For the weekends, there are a lot of options in and outside of Buenos Aires! We love to help organizing and we have many recommendations! Check our blog on activities outside of Buenos Aires!

Several students make friends during the activities in the school with whom they travel on the weekend!

Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions!

And feel free to join any of the activities with your family or friends who are visiting Buenos Aires!

More people, more fun!

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